Junior Match Play Opportunities
League Sign-Up DAY
Sat, Sept 22nd 1:30-2:30

Fall Tournament Schedule  

USTA Level 7 Tournaments 
Oct 20th-21st
USTA Level 8 Tournaments 
Nov 11th 
Dec 9th  

10 and under orange
12 and under green
14 and under yellow
16 and under yellow
18 and under yellow

USTA Local Tennis Team  

Starts in Oct 4th-Nov 15th Matches played every Thursday

Teams consist of 3-5 players.  Match will consist of 2 singles and 1 doubles.  Teams are coed.   The Middle School league is for 6th-8th graders.  Beginner and Intermediates will be playing green ball.  Advanced will be playing yellow ball.  The High School league is for 9th-12th graders.

Cost is $68 for the season.  You must have a USTA number to play in the league.  If you are not a USTA member you will need to sign your child for a free USTA number by calling 1-800-990-8782 or online at USTA.com. 

To sign up for the league go to USTA.com online.  Click on TENNISLINK at the top, then click on Junior Team Tennis, and then inter the team number.  This league is called 2018 Fall Key West. 

High School Yellow Ball  
Team ID
Team 1    1538366010
Team 2    1538366011
Team 3    1538366012
Team 4    1538366013

Advanced Junior High School Yellow Ball
Beginner/Inter Junior High School Green Ball

Team ID                   Advanced                 Begin/Inter

HOB                       1538366015           1538366020

Basilica                  1538366017           1538366018

Sigsbee                  1538366014           1538366019

Home School         1538366016           1538366021

Please contact Brock or Nicole for more information or to sign up!  
Tournaments @ 1800 Atlantic Blvd unless otherwise noted

USTA Junior Travel Team
Travel Team Starts Oct 7th! 
Sunday Oct 7th 
Sunday Nov 4th 
Sunday Dec 2nd 
10 and under Orange ball 
12 and under Green ball 
14 and under Yellow ball 
18 and under Yellow ball
All matches will be played in the Keys 
Sign up online!

Orange ball, Green ball and Yellow ball divisions